Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back from the beach...

Late yesterday we returned from a quick trip to the beach.  My favorite part of a trip to the beach is always the same... its the spot on the interstate when you recognize the familiar green hills of Tennessee and you know you're back where you belong.  I'm no beach babe; just not designed for it.  It's too windy, too sandy, too damp, too... well... too "not Tennessee".  I'm telling you, a girl like me; with fine hair, weight issues, fair skin and freckles can find a lot of places in this world to make a better impression!  The good Lord sure knew what he was doing when he planted my feet firmly in the soil of Tennessee.

I could hardly wait to return home and see what was going on in the garden.  To my dismay the misquitoes were here to greet us and had apparently missed us greatly.  Their appetites were fierce and they knew a good meal when they saw one!  Sadly, the bluebirds have not been back to their nest so the nest and those five, tiny, blue eggs had to be removed and discarded.  Hopefully, one day soon they will try again.

Along with the bird's nest and eggs, my attempt at composting also bit the dust tonight.  Though there are air holes everywhere from top to bottom and all along the side of the compost container the mosquitoes apparently think it the perfect place to set up housekeeping and were raising more mosquitoe babies than the law should allow!  So, while swatting and flailing about like a mad woman, I dragged the container to the back of the property and dumped its contents on the ground where it could dry.  In these 90 degree temperatures it shouldn't take too long.  Besides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes the "composting" process seemed to be in full swing. 

My garden seems to be testing me.  Perhaps it is paying me back for leaving it for a few days.  The impatens are growing by leaps and bounds, as are the tomatoes.  And the one thing that I seem to really have the hang of is growing is the four o'clock plants; which would be awesome, except for the fact that I no longer wish to grow them in the particular area in which they thrive.  I came home to find my newly planted Knock Out Roses blooming beautifully amongst the persistant four o'clocks.  Tomorrow evening I hope to have enough energy and enough repellant to tackle this flowerbed.  For now, I'm headed to bed and can hardly wait to see what blessings may be in store for tomorrow!  I'll see you in the garden!

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