Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey, Those Aren't My Bloomers!

Things are so dry and struggling in my yard that I decided to venture out, with camera in hand, in hopes of stumbling upon something worthy of sharing.  Friday when we walked I saw a gorgeous little wild flower and wished that I had my camera; tonight it was still there waiting on me.  Just one solitary flower standing all alone along the shoulder of the road.  How can you look at something so bright and lovely and not appreciate its simplicity?

Sometimes it seems that wildflowers are so superiour, doesn't it?  Just there begging for a little attention, aren't they?  And that's just what they got this evening; a little bragging and a little praise for their efforts.

We live in a semi-rural area with houses, log cabins, barns, pastures and even one house that looks like a bee-hive dome.  You'd have to see it to believe it; but it's well hidden, deep within a wooded lot, so most people don't even know it exists. My point is that you'll often see things that wouldn't fit in the more formal style neighborhoods. 

As an example... a lone flower planted inside a tractor tire...

or a tree-stump that resembles a longhorn skull.   

You don't find character like this in those hoity-toity neighborhoods, that's for sure!

And from my yard... 

An example of how hot and dry our spring has been. 
We can hardly wait for the dog days of summer!

We did have a few visitors this evening. 
Although they don't show up well in the photo,
a female wild turkey and eight of her little ones 
in search of a bite to eat!

Have a good night... and I'll see you in the garden.  Bring your watering can!


  1. I totally agree. I love my neighborhood for the same reasons. Sure, one lady had a 6 tall penguin statue in her front yard, but that just adds to the character. How great is longhorn skull tree stump? It has the added coolness of not being from a dead animal! I'd put it in my living room.


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