Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What the heck is that?

We had more rain today and mild temperatures, so it was a pretty wonderful day, garden-wise.  Tonight after dinner we went outside to spend a little time admiring the changes that a little moisture can bring to a drought stricken garden! 

I saw a leaf and was intrigued by the patterns created once whatever feasted on it was full and content.  I thought you might like a peek.  Its funny how I find this artistic... if it had eaten something I had planted I would be all stressed out and looking for a cure! :)

While I was consumed by the new growth in the garden, suddenly I realized that I was hearing an odd knocking sound.  Not repetitive, like a woodpecker hammering away on a tree, but just one every few seconds.  My first thought was that it was some type of woodpecker.  Maybe a tree frog?  Then I realized it was directly above my head. I looked up and there it was suspended in the darkness of the woods with the illuminated sky as it's background; too much in silhouette for me to determine what is was.  WHAT THE HECK IS THAT??? A HUGE frog or maybe a MAMMOTH squirrel???  Nope... Wild Turkey booties!

Perhaps a better view?

That's right!  Our mama wild turkey and her babies!  What a treat!
I had no idea that those babies roosted that high up in the trees!

(Click on photos to see enlarged view)

Needless to say I made them a little apprehensive so they moved to another tree, deeper into the woods.  I didn't take it personal!  Seeing them just made my day!

Won't you join me in the garden again tomorrow? 


  1. What a delight !
    We've got a mom and her babies roosting in the woods, she brings them out late evening, and so we get to see how they've grown.
    Great shot of your mom and babies, they are big !

  2. What a treat to see those little roosting babies with their Mom.

    Thanks for sharing their visit with us.



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