Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something to improve the mood...

Some say that diamonds are a girls best friend... I say it's yard stuff! :)  Nothing thrills me more than something for the yard or anything tool related.  The last time I can remember being this excited was when I was secretively having a work bench built for my husband.  I swear you'd have thought I was planning a wedding there was so much emotion packed into the project!  The friend who was building it and helping me keep the secret said... "Stacy, it's just a workbench".  Yeah, maybe to him it was only as workbench - to me it was one of the most exciting things ever!  So I've lead a sheltered life.  For starters, it was the first surprise I had ever given my husband and keeping it inside nearly killed me! I can't tell you how many times I nearly spilled the beans.   

A couple years ago my sweet hubby mentioned that he'd like to have a storage building for the safe keeping of his riding mower.  We had a elevated playhouse, which was on the property when we moved here and with a little planning and figuring I convinced him that we could enclose the lower half of the building to house his lawnmower and it worked out great.  And it is still working great, except for the fact that to his collection of yard tools and necessities he has added: a tiller, a pressure washer, three push mowers, a back up riding mower, a chainsaw, a weed eater and various other things that escape my memory for the moment.  I'm not complaining, they are all necessary tools; however, we had nowhere to store the majority of them for easy access.   So, a few weeks ago I talked him into visiting a place nearby that makes storage units.  We picked one large enough hold our current tools and even have a little room for growth.  Tonight they delivered it... and it is perfect!  I can hardly wait to start organizing everything in it. 

Then my innocent husband says, I know it is level, but it looks like it is higher on the front end, doesn't it?  God love him... he should know better.  He barely got the thought out of his mouth before I had jumped in and said, "That's okay, we can plant some shrubs around it and that will fix it".  I'm sure his first thought was of the extra expense... quickly followed by, "great, here she goes making it all girlie looking!".   Why not?  Who cares if it's just a storage building for tools and machinery to him - to me it's just another canvas begging for color and texture. 

So, it's 12 x 20 and easily holds his riding mower.  They added a two windows, a side door, a workbench and a small loft area.  We already had a framed, 8 ft. peg board that we plan to add to the long, windowless wall.  He's planning on varnishing the workbench and floor so that it will clean up easily.  Truth be told, we are equally thrilled with the new building.  What can I say, I love the smell of fresh cut lumber almost as much as the smell of the wisteria, the four o'clocks, the sweet autumn clematis, and many other fragrant blooms. 
So, what's next?  I'm already planning on turning one wall of his former shed into a potting bench.  Let the hammering begin!


  1. You are a lady after my own heart! I would much rather have garden stuff. The most excited I've been at Christmas was when I got my Mantis Tiller.

  2. What a great shed! Flowers surrounding it will look really nice. :-) I also would rather have garden related things for gifts. I love 'dirt' too.

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