Thursday, August 8, 2013

Unusual Tennessee Summer...

This summer has been an odd one for us, weather-wise, in middle Tennessee.  We've had some of our lowest temperatures that I can recall, some of the lowest humidity levels, enough rain - and often enough to keep the lawns lush and the flowers blooming much later into summer than usual.  Last year our pool water reached 94 degrees (early in the summer) and a dip in the pool felt more like swimming in soup than it did a refreshing dip in the pool.  Tonight I checked the water temperature and was shocked to find it was 81 degrees.  My husband won't even get in the water unless it's a minimum of 83 degrees.  His swimming season is extremely limited in comparison to mine... when we open the pool (around April 1st) I'll find my way into the water within days... no excuse is too feeble!

After owning a hot-tub (spa) for 9 1/2 years, we finally sold it, last weekend, and got a new conversation set to allow us to better enjoy the patio area.  I know we'll miss that tub; especially on those cold winter nights... but its a nice change to the patio/pool/garden area.  Check out that Sweet Autumn Clematis covering the fence in the background.  It is cut down to the ground each spring and grows so wild and wooly before blooming in the fall.  You know that I'll be posting photos of it in full bloom soon enough!

It will be nice to sit, snuggled up, with my sweet hubby on the loveseat though.  I could tell he liked the new set because it was barely put in place before he'd christened it with a nap!  They young men who moved the hot tub did an excellent job... no damage to anything... and short of one wasp sting and a field mouse sighting - it was basically uneventful.   Ah, the things that sweet youth allows the body to manage!  They were amazingly strong. 
We've been graced by turkeys lately... They are some funny looking creatures; although they may say the same of us!  They amble through the yards, especially in the early morning or just before dusk and roost higher up in the trees than you'd ever imagine possible.  They're not exactly graceful as they settle on a spot to roost... and can be heard thrashing about in the middle of the trees causing a few leaves to rain down as they move about.  As I left for work the other morning I snapped a quick photo from the car as I drove past - there were 18 total.  (Click on photos for larger view)
18 Turkey

Turning in for the night.

You know it has to taste like cotton candy!  How could it not?
I guess I'd better sign off for now.  I hope you're able to get out and enjoy your gardens and do a little daydreaming each day.  Until next time - get out there and get some dirt under your nails!