Friday, June 17, 2011

Invasion of the Japanese Beetles

It looks like we’re moving on from our other diseases and plagues and now we’re knee deep in Japanese Beetles.   That’s not the name of this blog… its Knee Deep in BLOOMERS!  
Even as I type this, “Mr. Bloomers” is out there drastically reducing the insect population.  What a man!  No insect too fierce to keep him from the battlefront!  Well, maybe a mosquito or a chigger… but no non-biting/non-stinging insect is too fierce for my man!  He’s so romantical! J  Truly, I am grateful for the sweaty, dirty, muscle demanding jobs he so readily volunteers for in the garden.   Among the many, many reasons I love that man!
On another note…I’ve noticed that most bloggers post really great photos of the gorgeous moths and butterflies that grace their gardens.  I can’t help but notice that everytime I seem to get a shot of one visiting my garden it looks like some “Frankinmoth” with huge chunks of its wings missing or hanging on by a thread; like they all got here by hitching a ride on the grill of a Chrystler doing 80 mph on I-24.  What is this, the garden of misfit plants and butterflies?  Don’t’ even let me snap a shot of that poor male Cardinal who’s entire head is void of feathers!  Actually, I’d love to be able to share that freak of the audobon world with you!  I don’t even think he’s aware that he’s not the sexiest bird in the yard; besides, he seems to have a great personality… and that will take you places!
One final topic and I’ll sign off for tonight… TOMATOES!  You either love ‘em… or you don’t.  I’m a don’t.  I have to admit though, I do feel somewhat envious each summer when just about every mouth in the state of Tennesee begins to drool at the mere thought of a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato).  Just pass the bacon… you can keep your tomatoes!  Still, day by day, they’re getting there, slowly-but surely.  Just think, before you know it you’ll be bent over a BLT with tomato juice and mayo dripping off your elbows sporting a grin like you’ve just won the Lottery, and I bet you just can’t hardly wait!
I hope to see you in the garden tomorrow… minus a few insects!


  1. I hope the beetles don't start here this year. The butterfly has been through a lot but you caught a great photo. I like tomatoes. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Cher, I just don't care for a fresh tomato. I like tomato juice, ketchup, tomatoes cooked in soups, stews, etc. But never cared much for them otherwise. Glad you like them though! I just try to balance my diet with chocolate! :)

  3. We noticed the Japanese Beatles eating away at the Canna Lilies last night.
    I love a tomato sandwich, especially if it is dripping in Miracle Whip or Mayo :)
    Your photos are perfect !

  4. Lol...I meant Beetles, can you tell I'm from Liverpool !


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