Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have I Jinxed My Garden?

This year my garden seems to be jinxed.  If it's not insects or disease it seems to be drought.  I've lived in this spot for a little over seven years and the first few years I did very little gardening due to a back injury.  More than anything I just enjoyed the plants that the previous owner had planted.  I've attempted to learn about various plants and paid particular attention to the sun/shade conditions in the yard.  Before moving here my gardening experiences were limited to shade gardening so learning to work within the demands of that huge ball of fire that hangs in our sky was a "whole 'nuther ball game", as we say in the south.  I'll be the first to admit that it has been a challenge for this one time closet gardener; but honestly, it was a challenge that I felt I was winning. 

Until recently, if my garden failed, it was a secret known only to me, my husband and our closest neighbors.   The 2011 growing season seemed to be off to a glorious start and held great promise for its best year yet.  Then I get this wild idea to share my garden with others via the World Wide Web... WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING?  All I can say is that the newness of spring brings with it a bounty of both HOPE and ignorance... and that can be a dangerous combination. 

Older photo: This is basically how they looked before vacation...

Today, in an effort to save them from whatever has attacked them with such vengeance, we drastically pruned the Manhattans (Euonymus kiautschovicus).  If you happen to recognize the particular evil, even though the photo quality is less than desired, feel free to offer up any advice and knowledge on the subject.

They've probably been here for fifteen years and the only problem we've ever had was a little powdery mildew; but this year we came back from vacation to find them struggling, covered with some disease or insect with massive bald spots scattered throughout.  We sprayed them with an insecticide spray, pruned them and said a little prayer that they would overcome their nemesis.  I hope no one comes by with a mirror, for if they are in the least bit vane, they will surely give up the ghost! :)


I was pleased to find a couple surprise blooms on one of my wisteria vines today.  If I get to experience that more than once this year it will be awesome!   I also found six Japanese Beetles munching away at the leaves of the wisteria so I plucked them off and am seriously thinking about buying stock in Sevin dust and insecticides.

If you need me... check the pest control aisle of Home Depot!  Until then...
Happy gardening y'all.

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