Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Festivities

Our day started off with another inch of rain and rather cool temperatures - but it didn't take long before the heat was driving us indoors.  We got home later than we had planned, and Mr. Bloomers is still out there racing against the sunset to finish mowing the lawn.  I'm indoors wrapping up the task of laundry - but managed to find time to trim back some of the damage the Beetles had done recently to the wisteria vines.  These weekends go by far too quickly!

Today I paid tribute to the garden by taking my sister a couple plants when I visited her home for our annual Father's Day gathering.  I took her a Four O'Clock plant (with the tuber intact) and four or five stems of the Wandering Jew (Purple Heart Plant). 

Of course I didn't forget my father... I gave him four new shirts and a silly card.  I find that Father's Day cards are among the toughest to pick.  Most are just too mushy and that isn't our style; but if you look long enough you can usually find one that gets close enough. 

For the other guests in attendance... I contributed a homemade Banana Pudding and a Chocolate Oreo Pie for dessert.  It seemed like everyone was happy in one way or another.  We had a great time catching up on the current events and eating far too much of everything - but that's what family events are all about. 

I hope that you had a good day honoring or remembering the important fathers or father-figures in your life!

Rest well... and I'll see you in the garden! :)

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