Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Retail Therapy

I took the day off work today and tried my hand at a little retail therapy.  I am a disgrace to womankind when it comes to shopping.  If I don't rush in and make a purchase on impulse, I usually end up putting things back and walking out empty-handed.  Today was almost one of those days; but I hung  in there - as one of my friends says, "like a hair in a biscuit" and managed to find a few necessities before heading back home. 

I had hoped to find a nice bench for the garden - but no such luck.  I looked at a few plants, but honestly, it's so hot that I couldn't even imagine one surviving, so I forged ahead.  I looked a a few different styles of birdhouses for the bluebirds and found a bag of mealworms for $85... that's not a typo, EIGHTY-FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS for worms!  Now these weren't just any worms... they were freeze-dried!  Almost makes you want to try one yourself, doesn't it? :)  Needless to say, I didn't buy the worms.  I checked out a bat house with lofty dreams of bats being drawn to our yard in hopes of eliminating some of the mosquitoes - but I didn't get one of those either.  I nearly purchased two things for my potting bench; which is, for now, merely a figment of my imagination, but I just pushed them around in the shopping cart so that they could have a tour of the store... and I ended up putting them back in their original spot.

What I did finally purchase was a pot designed to house a garden hose (to keep it elevated above the ground) and a couple two-gallon watering cans to replace my current two, which no longer have the sprinkler heads because they cracked and broke apart. 

As I looked out into the garden today my one thought was "thirsty".  Everything is just so dry; the ground is parched and cracked, so many plants are wilted or withering and summer is still a couple weeks away.  Still, it beats the heck out of winter!  I have a strong feeling that there will be a lot of watering going on this summer so those new watering cans will sure come in handy! 

Stay cool, stay hydrated and sleep well - for tomorrow the garden will be calling for your attention!

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