Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the name of progress...

This morning I found myself, once again, awake on a weekend morning way earlier than necessary.  I just don't get it.  I even stayed up later than normal!  I'm sure tomorrow morning I'll be more than ready to turn over and sleep through the alarm - but that'll just too dang bad!  I've never been an early riser (much to my mother's dismay), perhaps its this "middle age" thing I've always heard so much about; who knows?  I've also found myself longing for an afternoon nap after lunch lately and that's REALLY not like me.  Could be the aforementioned "MA"... but I could have also been abducted by aliens.  Sure, one may be more plausible than the other - but I'd rather you keep that opinion to yourself.  So, rather than stay in bed and try to fall back to sleep, I opted for enjoying the early start to my day.  All was quiet on the home front, even the cicadas were fast asleep.  

Today we cleared a tree and a few stray branches in an area where we plan to have a new storage building placed.  I believe that I am more excited about the building than my husband.  Somehow that didn't come out exactly right, but you know what I meant to say.  I'm telling you... sleep is a must!  Anyway, it could be that he's still in shock over the  price - but I'm all a twitter about it!  I'm all about organization and everything having a place!  He's that way to an extent... but his desire to have things "handy" and at arms length usually outweigh his need to be overly tidy.  I held firm on the necessary size of the building to keep him from buying something too small in an effort to keep the price to a minimum.  There's simply no point in buying something that will be filled to capacity within 3 hours of being delivered/set up. 

Sadly, though we tried to maneuver around it, we eventually trampled a nearby Trillium.  We've danced around this thing for a while now remembering not to mow or trim too closely... then with one fluid movement of the ladder today... WHACK!  It was a goner!  "Our apologies splendid lady" - what else can we say?  She was probably on her deathbed working out a deal with the nearby poison ivy to get even with us when we least expect it! 

We managed to only sever the tree and limbs intended, plus the one Trillium - so we'll call that a successful day.  Any time we fire up that chainsaw, and especially when we incorporate the use of a ladder simultaneously, it's always a gamble!  So... we ended the day much like it began, with 16 fingers, 4 thumbs, 20 toes and four eyes in perfect working condition... BANNER DAY, my friends! BANNER DAY!

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  1. I have days such as this, two steps forward, three steps back.
    You just have to plod on ;)
    It'll be a time for celebrating when these buzzing cicadas go back in their holes !
    Hope your Memorial Day was nice in the pool.


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