Monday, May 9, 2011

Pleasures of Peonies

This afternoon, once home from a day at the office, I looked out the back door to find that my peonies were in bloom!  Ah, the long awaited blooming of the peony.  Although most peony in the neighborhood bloomed last week, mine has been through the mill over the last few years so I felt blessed to have it bloom at all.  You'll remember, last week, when I posted about the nasty worms that bored holes right through the middle of most of the buds; well, what few weren't bored, bloomed beautifully.

So she's got a little Sevin Dust on her, what lady among us hasn't gotten a bit heavy handed with the powder or blush from time to time?  I could barely contain my excitement as I rushed out the backdoor, down the steps, across the patio and through the gate where I bent double and buried my nose deep in the middle of the brilliant pink mass of petals to breathe in her aroma and...NOTHING!  No scent whatsoever!  How could it be?  I remember so fondly my grandmother's peonies and their perfume that would fill the house when she'd bring in one or two for a vase.  To say that I am bummed is an understatement!

While I am still impressed with her beauty; the peony is a flower with more to offer than just her looks.  As a matter of fact, I'd almost say that her looks are secondary to her fragrance.  Perhaps this is her way of holding back.  Folding her scrawny peony arms in defiance and digging her roots in deeper daring me to move her again.  So yeah, I see you there blooming brightly; for now, with the exception of the wild honeysuckle vine just beyond my reach, you are the only thing blooming in my garden.  You can relax - consider yourself firmly planted and maybe one day you'll not only be beautiful, but also aromatic. 

Here in the midst of my garden I am reminded that sometimes I'm just spoiled rotten and I want it all.  But as bummed as I am over the lack of fragrance from my peony; I have to stop for a moment, step outside of my selfish rant and consider just how she must feel.

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