Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Rapture... but it was heavenly!

Beautiful day!  Once again, man's prediction of the rapture was not accurate.  Just as well, I hadn't packed a thing!  Just in case I wasn't going to be called up, I decided that I might as well spend the morning cleaning the pool; a task that I never seem to mind.  I mean, really, how could someone complain about having to clean a pool?  It's like complaining about having to eat chocolate... you're just not gonna hear me whining about either!  I've always loved to swim and ice cold water isn't enough to keep me out of the pool - my husband; however, is still weeks away from getting in the pool.  I told him that he's the only person I know who can do the "Polar Bear Plunge" in July instead of January. :)

Along with cleaning the pool I managed to do a little composing, a little weeding, and a little fertilizing today while my husband mowed the lawn.  The impatiens have at least tripled in size and the knock out roses are growing rapidly and blooming beautifully.  We do need to find something that would bloom at this time so that we can keep the garden continually interesting.  We feel extremely blessed to have a place that we enjoy so much.   We feel for those who think of yard work as a chore rather than a gift from God. 

We've not seen much activity from our nesting Bluebirds lately which has us more than a little concerned.  After not seeing either of the parents for a few days, I peeked into the birdhouse with a flashlight and a dental mirror and saw at least 3, maybe 4, beautiful blue eggs in the nest.  Only one sighting early this morning of the male bluebird, but no visit from the female.  Basically, both parents haven't been minding the nest over the past few days.  We hope that things are still okay... but fear that this clutch may be their first and will not hatch.

Oh, and the party I mentioned yesterday?  The yard fogger seemed to draw even more mosquitoes to the area and did nothing to slow them down.  I'd never seen so much swatting and slapping!  Still, we hung in there like real troopers to make the party successful.  It's what you do for friends!


  1. On this first HOT day in almost a week, that pool surely looks inviting !
    We worked outside too today, aren't those cicadas the most annoying devils, their buzzing is deafening.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed your Bluebird parents will return to the nest.

  2. Jo - the cicadas honestly sound like someone's burglar alarm in the distance, don't they? Very odd.

    Still no sign of the bluebirds. Sadly, we may have to ditch the nest and eggs and hope for a better outcome next time.


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