Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden Gift Swap

Today we had a garden themed gift swap at a meeting I attended at work.  I have to tell you that I was so fond of the gift I took that I was tempted to steal it back; but I just couldn't take it away from the lady who had stolen it from the first lady who had picked it.  I wanted it, pretty badly, but I managed not to give in.  The prettiest thing in it was the Zinnias, which were orange with a deep purple ring in the center.  Those two colors worked beautifully together.  I'd love to see it once the plant gets settled, fills in a little and is in full bloom.  It was exciting to see all the different gifts.  There was a lovely miniature rose - but again I liked the lady who had it more than I needed it. 

It was fun to see all the different gift ideas that everyone had come up with.  I ended up with a pair of gardening gloves, a ceramic flowerpot and a matching ceramic watering can.  Very cute!  There was also a beautiful, deep crimson, Mandevilla in a hanging pot that was simply gorgeous.  I'm just not good at these type games because I can never bring myself to steal anyone's gift from them.  If it were up to me the game would be rather boring.  One of the gardening purchases I made several years ago that has proved itself darn near a necessity is a collapsible trash bin (tote) with handles for easy transporting.  I drag that thing from one end of the yard to the other filling it with clippings and weeds.  When I'm done with it, I collapse it and hang it on the wall out of the way.  It's nearly time for another one.  It makes my newest project extra easy - composting! It would make a rather boring gift - but I find it one of my most valuable garden tools and a great value at around $10 -12.  Sure would love to know what tools other folks think they can't live without.


  1. What a lovely gift, and I like you, couldn't take it away from the other lady.
    We did this at Christmas, it was calle 'Dirty Santa' it's the first time I had played it, I hope they play straight Santa next Christmas :)

  2. Jo you and I are too much alike! :) Our game of Dirty Santa might be the quickest on record!


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