Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Blur of Blue

Today I was able to snap a couple photos of our nesting Bluebirds.  They are about the cutest things coming and going in our garden!  This is the first year we've had a pair nest in our birdhouse - so you can imagine how thrilled we are over the thought of adding to the bluebird population around here. 

Papa Bluebird seems to be a good husband as he brings a little something extra back for his lovely mate.  He's a smart man... he knows to keep his woman well fed and life will be so much smoother! :)  My husband will back me up on that statement for sure!   My husband saw him chase a squirrel away from the tree the other morning - going after him twice... once to run him away; the other probably just to impress his bride.  

Momma Bluebird checking on the kids.
It seems that they are becoming more used to the idea of us being around and pay no attention to us as long as we're not too close to the birdhouse.   
Daddy, probably saying, "quit giggling and go to sleep".
When they were scouting around trying to find the perfect spot to call home my husband and I were going through the process of opening the swimming pool nearby.  We had a long garden hose (that's a "hose pipe" for you other Tennesseans)  draped across the lower part of the fence draining the collected rainwater from the cover we were about to remove.  As they came by for a second look my husband says, in his best Papa Bluebird voice... "Look honey, this place has running water"!  Oh the joy we find in translating the thoughts of our woodland friends for one another!  He used to laugh at me for doing this; but now he's fallen into the habit himself. 

As a matter of fact, the first person to welcome us to the neighborhood the day we moved in was an ancient looking donkey standing in a field on the street that enters our neighborhood.  As we drove by he stood as still as a statue and I said, (in a voice much like Eeyore on Winnie the Pooh)... "Heyyyyyy Y'aaaaaallllll".  Then I looked over at my husband, smiled, shrugged my shoulders and said, "he must be the welcoming committee"! :)    Its a slippery slope, first you're innocently channeling the thoughts of a Bluebird, next thing you know you'll be translating for the donkey down the street. 

Well, gotta fly - my sweet hubby is just about ready to take me to dinner.  Can't let Papa Bluebird show him up! 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom !
    I hope her day is special....
    Thank you for your kind comments, it looks like we have so much in common, especially a love of this beautiful State of ours.
    Hope to visit with you often, and jangle about our bloomers ;)


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