Saturday, May 14, 2011

♫♪ We're Mulching in the Rain ♫♪

It seems that every year we pick one of the hottest days to mulch - but not this year!  Today was a perfect day for mulching the flowerbeds and tidying up the yard.  We rose to sunshine this morning, but just as we pulled the truck around and dug our shovel into the mulch it began to rain.  Not a storm, just a beautiful rain showering down.  About half way through that flowerbed it was coming down so hard we decided to cover the mulch and take a break.  It wasn't but a few minutes before the rain had passed and we were back to work.  We mulched the Azalea bed, around the five Crape Myrtles in the side yard, the two wisteria vines, one butterfly bush and then the mondo mulching task; the bed that runs the length of the sidewalk with the Boxwood, Wandering Jew, and single Royal Crape Myrtle. It was well worth it.  It just finishes everything off so nicely. 

For once, we didn't nearly succumb to the heat.  As a matter of fact the temperatures are in the high 60s here today.  One day its in the 90s, the next it's in the 60s.  Dress cool... carry a sweater! :)  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  A light sprinkle of rain every once in a while, a light breeze - just when you needed it, and enough sun to warm you when you got a little chilled.

We staked the tomato plants and did a little trimming on the Wisteria vines, adding them to the compost bin.  You'll never guess what else I fed the compost today...

A four-leaf clover (its second one so far this season) and 650 (yes, I counted them) cicada shells.  Is that gross, or what? All of them from the Burning Bushes at the corner of the house.  The cicadas are buzzing so loudly that you can even hear them from inside the house with the doors and windows completely shut.  

All-in-all, they're not too bad.  I'll take a few weeks of them over those pesky Aphids that I can't seem to rid our yard of any day! 

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