Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cicada Serenade for Mother’s Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, thirteen years since their last performance here in middle Tennessee, I ask you to put your hands together for Brood XIX, known locally as “The Southern Brood”.  This song goes out to all you Mothers out there…
Can you imagine if in our life we only had one goal, one purpose?  Imagine your bucket list consisted of: arrive, eat, sing, mate, lay eggs and die; instead of being pulled in so many directions, as the lives of most mothers of today.  And not only arrive – but to do so in such fashion that your arrival makes the headlines!  Personally, I’d rather just slip in the back door, unnoticed, have a good meal and then skip all those other items on the list.  I knew early on that I’m wound far too tight to be a good mother, so I skipped that role in life.  Although, the idea of keeping the kids underground until they’re 13 has a certain appeal.   That might work!  However, 13 years seems a bit early.  I’m joking!  
Seriously, my gardening hat is off to all of you wonderful mothers, especially those of you who make it seem easy; I know that even the easiest days of motherhood take skill and concentration… and sometimes medication!  My mother always made it fun, always an adventure.  She taught us life through laughter – one of the most valuable lessons of all.  My mother was an only child so she didn’t understand the constant bickering between siblings.  When my older sister and I said unkind words to one another – she made us say it again in our best, drawn out, Southern Belle accent.  It’s hard to sound hateful when you add in all those extra syllables and sugary sweetness!  We’d always end up laughing.  She is a gifted mother and I am blessed to have her as my guiding light.  Thanks for the life and the laughs Mom, keep them coming!


  1. Knock off the singing part and that's still the bucket list for most men I know.

    Mom is still making life funny. How many other grandmothers do you know who would try and prove to their grandson that they could dunk a basketball?

  2. Well, I've always said that I identify more with men! Even my bucket list leans toward the masculine side! :) Mom is, hands down, the coolest Nona ever! That must be the only thing better than having her for a mother!


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