Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pool Party

My husband and I had a pool installed a few years ago.  Even before we had ever mentioned anything about a pool, one evening my husband innocently asked me... "If you could plant anything, anywhere in the back yard, where would you put it?"  Without hesitation I said, "out by the pool".  He looked at me quisically and, as if he had misunderstood, said... "Where?"  I repeated, "Out by the pool."  He sat there for a few seconds looking at me as if I was speaking another language.  I explained, "you asked me if I could plant anything, anywhere in the back yard where it would be.  I figured if this was a fantasy question I'd go all out.  So, by the pool is my final answer."  I swear to you, within a month we were anxiously awaiting the completion of our pool.  It has not been a disappointment. 

Each  year I am in the water as soon as possible, while he prefers to wait until the water temperature is almost like bath water.  Even if you're not getting in the pool - it just adds to the relaxing feel of the back yard.  This year, we have found another good use for the pool.  It is a form of Cicada birth control!  Yep, those boogers can't swim a lick!  So, we're just doing our part to cut down on the Cicada population for 2024.  No need to thank us!  It's the least we could do. 

The water is up to 81 today and very refreshing after our afternoon walk.  Cicadas or not, I'm diving in!

A couple visitors who do enjoy our pool...

Came home to find him looking for a way out!

"Paws" our neighbor-cat.

Paws' two favorite watering holes:  Our pool or our birdbath.  Personally, I'd go for the pool - bird feathers tickle my throat! :)

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