Monday, May 2, 2011

Wisteria: to plant, or not to plant

I guess it's too late to ask that question.  In spite of all the advice to the contrary, in April 2008, we planted a couple wisteria vines against the fence that surrounds our pool (on the farthest end from where all the pump and plumbing lines run).  For a few years I had been longing for a wisteria vine but was afraid to take that leap for fear it would become this destructive plant encompassing our property and perhaps, one day, us!  Finally, I decided that it was a gamble that I was willing to take.  I can't say for sure how I will feel about these vines ten years from now; but I can say that this spring - it was worth it!

Mid April 2011 was the maiden blooming year for our wisteria vines.  I had heard that it might take three years before it produced blooms and that wasn't just an old wives took exactly three.  I expected maybe two or three clusters on its first year of blooming; and honestly, that would have tickled me pink, but instead it went all out and really put on a show!  It was almost like watching a fireworks display; only in broad daylight!  The oohs and aahs were deafening!  Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little about the level of oohs and aahs, and sure, they were mostly coming from me; but I have never encountered a more appealing vine!  When you pulled into the driveway its scent met you at the car, opened your door and sweet-talked you into the garden.

 My only complaint was that the two vines were of different variety; but even that didn't constitute grumbling.   Both were magnificent in their own way; one a deep violet (pinkish-purple), more narrow and longer than the other which was a vibrant blue with shorter, wider clusters.  They looked like waterfalls spilling over the top of the wrought-iron fence.  It was absolutely breathtaking! 

The bumblebees seemed to fly in from all corners of the county for a taste of her nectar and a load of pollen.  Like I said, I can't say how we'll feel about these vines in the years to come, but for today, I can say (without reservation) that they hold a place of honor in our garden.  The Wisteria alone was a sight to behold but against the background of the dogwood and redbud trees in bloom the yard had a magical quality about it.

Its now the first week of May and all signs of her blooms have vanished.  She is now lazily basking in the sunlight along the top of the fence waving to us on the occasional breeze or enjoying the occasional shower.  We'll let her rest for now... she's been a busy, busy lady!

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