Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Familiar Hints of Autumn

Although we're finally getting a break from the dangerously high temperatures we've experienced of late, I find that there is little news to share from my garden.  Between my mother being sick, my husband's recent back troubles and my own basic lack of motivation; there's just not much going on around here.  The lovely rose bush and Lantana I received for my birthday late in July remain on the patio, in full bloom, yet still in their pots.  I have managed to keep up with the watering, so they will live to thrive in the garden some day soon.  If I were smart I'd chalk it up to "planning"... you know, wanting to really be sure of where it will do best before I actually sock it in the ground.  But I suppose I am more honest than I am smart... because I haven't even given its placement much thought!

I can report that the morning air has that familiar crispness about it that we readily recognize as a taste of Autumn.  It instantly takes me back to my childhood and the anxiousness of the school year's beginning.  Even though I was far too nervous to ever really enjoy the actual task of going to school... the shopping and planning was always a thrill!  I still love to shop for pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.  And the organizing!  Oh Lord do I love to organize things in little draws and compartments!  Remember how you'd work for hours on your notebooks, zipper pouches and boxes?  That usually lasted about a week and then it was anyone's guess where you could find a pencil!  Today a friend/co-worker gifted me some galvanized metal boxes he picked up at a yard sale recently.  I can't wait to find a good use for them around the house!  Ooooh, it feels like 1st grade all over again! 

See the wilting plant and the watering can? That gives me a great idea! :) DUH!
(Again... smart vs. honest, need I say more?)

On a serious note... my mother goes back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up visit from her recent hospital stay.  I ask you to say a prayer for her that she'll soon be back to her old self bringing light into her surroundings.  It's not easy to see her moving in slow motion and lacking energy. 

While my Sweet Autumn Clematis is gathering her strength to put on a spectacular show... she's not quite there yet.  I promise to share her with you, in all her blooming glory at the appropriate time!

I had better sign off for now.  I hope to see you in the garden soon.  Bring a shovel... we need to get some work done! :)

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