Friday, August 19, 2011

Be On The Look-Out (BOLO) Alert!

That’s right!  We have been victimized!  I was blinded by his good looks and cocky air of confidence.  He would be best described as the strong, silent type.  He was last seen on August 18th, headed west, towards the lake. 
  • Approximately 5 ft. tall
  • medium build
  • sandy blonde hair
  • brown eyes
  • thin lips
  • and breath, which comes in quick bursts and smells suspiciously of Impatiens! 

Be on your toes folks!  He could be headed for his next victim… or perhaps just a nap, while his meal of eleven of my twelve impatient plants settles a bit!  The least he could have done was finish off that last one… just to keep things tidy.  LOL!
What can I say?  The deer have thus far offered more beauty and entertainment than they have frustration… so I can’t really complain much.  Besides, those were some of the most pitiful impatiens I have ever grown!  I hope he enjoyed them!
Oh well... looks like I'll have to start planning a deer resistant flower garden for the front flower bed next year!  Y'all have a good weekend... and keep your eyes open!


  1. Awww cute-but please not in my garden!

  2. I bragged about the herds of deer coming into our garden each evening, that was last year....
    This year, I've said nary a word, they are in epidemic proportion, eating bushes and flowers alike.
    The topper was when one tried to hitch a ride in my husband's new vehicle, four thousand dollars worth of damage...
    I still love to see them, but they are such a danger running at random on the highways.
    Sorry about your impatients :(

  3. Stacy...grate some Irish Spring soap over your plants and Deer will stay clear! Also, putting out human or dog hair around plants keeps them at bay!

  4. Thanks for the comments... and advice! All are ALWAYS welcome!

    I really want a climbing hydrangea... but I hear the deer LOVE them! Looks like I won't purchase one unless I find it at an "experimental" price! :)


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