Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whew! Happy Saturday!

Life seems to have gotten in the way a bit over the last week or so.  As you know, my mother has been in the hospital and that pretty much consumed my mind most of my waking hours.  She is doing much better and just trying to regain some strength before returning to work.  My sweet husband injured his back a few weeks ago and since it rained here last Saturday and Sunday, I started off each day this week by threatening to end his life if I came home to find that he had done any of the yard work! 

Last Sunday, as I started cleaning the swimming pool he looked at me, completely disgusted with himself, and said, "Am I just supposed to stand her and watch you clean the pool?"  I said, "Just go inside and find something to watch on the television... always works for me!" :)  He failed to find the humor.   So I sent him in to organize the kitchen pantry.  Job well done!

It wasn't easy to convince him to let me take over these tasks for a couple weeks while he allows his back time to heal - but I finally won him over. 

Monday night I came home from work and mowed the lawn while he did a little light trimming around the pool.  For some reason pushing the mower doesn't seem to do any harm to his back, but jarring around on the riding mower is a definite NO! 

Today after a brief lesson he set me free with the weed-eater in hand.  He's always complained about this weed-eater not being comfortable to use.  I have to admit, I thought it was just him... but after being unable to master a clean line with it, I'm thinking he may be right!  Thank goodness grass is like hair... the only difference in a good cut and a bad cut is about a week!

I hope to see you in the garden soon!  Take care!


  1. Hope your mum is doing better, I'm sure you will not let her return to work before her time.
    Back trouble is a thing I am most familiar with, I've had surgery some twenty years ago, and still have to watch what I do everyday.
    It's good that your husband is able to take time out for it to heal.
    I've used the weed wacker thingy once, and cut some of my prettiest zinnias to the ground, no more !
    Happy gardening...

  2. I feel bad when I am down due to injury and the Saint has to pitch in for me. I want to join him so badly. In my younger years, I would just do the work then regret it as it would postpone healing. Lesson learned so now I do as the doctor says and take it easy and let my body properly heal. Luckily, I dont have many injuries and ailments but I know my day is coming....

    I love my weed-eater but it is a pain to get certain areas perfect. I was sitting at a stop light today watching a crew working on the landscape of a Walgreen's Drugs store. I was impressed as to how perfect he was trimming the boarder. I was wishing for lessons from him. hee hee...

    Skeeter (In the Garden)


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