Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rains...glorious rains!

We were blessed to receive rains on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The rains were such a welcome sight!  I know that they were long overdue and it will soon be evident in the lushness of all things green and growing in and around our neighborhood. 
My mother has been in the hospital this past week and Friday she, my sister and I watched the rain from her hospital room before I headed home.  There’s just something renewing and cleansing about a good rain, isn’t it?  But as I drove home in the rain I thought about how, had she not been stronger, had she waited longer before getting to the hospital, the rains might feel completely different.  Rather than a cleansing/renewal of hope, would I feel as if it was adding to the sadness washing over me?  Like most things in life, it depends upon the situation or how you look at things. 
Today, Mom was released from the hospital with plans for a complete recovery.  My older sister did the honors of pick-up and delivery.  Mom has been our beacon of light in every storm we have ever weathered.  In our darkest hour, she was there to calm our fears and give us direction – and usually show us the humor in the situation; but most importantly – she was always there.  We have always known in the back of our minds that we wouldn’t have her forever; but for us, this was really the closest we’d ever come to having an inkling of how that might actually feel…   It is worse than I ever imagined. 
Today, I am thankful for those who took such good care of my mother during her stay in the hospital, for those who visited, those who called, those who cared and those who prayed. 


  1. Okay, this is a test to see if I can write a message as Anonymous as I dont seem to write one any other way....

    Skeeter (In the Garden)

  2. Yippee, I was able to get a comment to you as Anonymous...

    I have been trying to comment on your blog since the snake post. I don’t like seeing snakes in the gardens either but I believe they have a place in the grand scheme of things. I just wish they would stay in the surrounding woods and out of my garden. After moving into this house, I would kill them left and right. Being an animal lover, I felt guilt. So I educated myself on them and the rat/chicken snakes and other good snakes are free to roam. But not the poisonous snakes as they become the headless snakes after we see them. We avoid the woods areas in the summer months and I try to be very aware of my surroundings when outside in the gardens. Especially when pulling weeds. I do fear reaching into the middle of a thick of weeds and one striking me. Even if not poisonous, I am sure it will hurt like the dickens and freak me out as well….

    You are so right about the sacred tomatoes! You know you have a friend when they give up some maters for ya… LOL…

    I am happy to see your mother is recovering. I know it scares me every time one of my parents becomes ill. They are the glue that holds my family together and I cannot imagine my life without them although, I know the day is coming….

    Skeeter (In the Garden)


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