Monday, April 22, 2013

Unexpected Gifts

Wow!  Now that’s what I call an awesome day!  We started off our day without any definitive plans; just easing into the morning.  I slept in; while the best husband in the world rose early, as usual, and started his normal routine in the quiet hours of the day.  We had breakfast and moved out on the patio to enjoy the day when a neighbor came dragging over a huge piece of cardboard filled with 3 huge clumps of Stella de Oro with purple Salvia coming along for the ride.  Oh joy!!!  We get free plants!!! I love it when someone shares a plant – not only because it didn’t cost us a penny… but because it will forever be a reminder of someone who was kind enough to share.  Double blessing… followed by years of blessing; both sight and smell!  How can you go wrong?  

So, we eyeballed the yard searching for the perfect spot that would guarantee full sun and where we’d be able to enjoy them readily.  We were thinking about just putting the three of them at the end of a flowerbed where we’d recently removed a huge Hemlock tree but I urged my husband to come with me to look at another option.  We’ve got an area to the west end of the pool that doesn’t have a flower in it.  Just grass and various weeds – and more of the latter than the first.  I suggested us centering them in between the fence sections to add some interest to that spot of the yard.  Much to my surprise, he thought it was a great idea.  I’ve got to say he’s like most men and does not exactly enjoy mowing around plants… so I was somewhat surprised. 

I began to look more closely at the plants to try to determine how many we could separate these three into without harming the plant.  By the time it was all said and done we had 13 Stella de Oro and 8 Salvia… just enough to complete the long run of the fence in that area!!!  Woo Hoo!  They are going to look fabulous!  Bear in mind we must now weed and mulch around them and add an edge or border before it will be done… but since we didn’t have time to plan we felt it best to get them in the dirt while we had the hours to devote to the project. 

I can hardly wait to see them bloom!!!
We also planted a Bleeding Heart in a bed alongside the driveway that is shady and needs a spot of color.  Transplanted an unknown plant that was out of place to a new home and planted 4 tomato plants for my lovely hubby.  Bless my sweet husband’s heart – before the day was done he had dug 27 holes for planting and somehow made it look nearly effortless.  What a guy!

So here I sit on the patio, weary from a day of work, surrounded by the smell of the wisteria and the sound of various songbirds.  Life is sweet my friend… almost as sweet as the iced tea that is just far enough away from the keyboard to prevent catastrophe!  Blessings to you and yours!

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  1. Free plants are always a blessing and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

    You and your hubby did a great job with the planting, now you wait patiently for them to bloom

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady


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