Saturday, July 23, 2011

They're finally blooming...

Yippee!  My Crape Myrtles are finally blooming!  They are absolutely beautiful!  I suppose they aren't in the perfect situation to bloom as early as others in the neighborhood... but they still put on a show! 

(Click on each photo to see a larger view)

Sometimes I look at them and think... "I thought they'd have grown more by now"... but then when I look back at photos from when they were originally planted... and suddenly I am ecstatic with their growth!  We planted them in May of 2007... after the neighbors had planted the hedge row of Privet (Ligustrum vulgare) in the fall of  2006 to replace other shrubs that had been removed due to some type of disease.  When they bloomed for the first time they looked more like a bouquet of flowers than any type of shrub or tree.  The photo below is basically the same view as the photo above... only 4 years earlier.  What a difference!

They are our nearest neighbors... but now that the hedge of Privet has grown in we barely know that they are there.  They're great neighbors... but we all appreciate a little privacy.  I know for a fact that when I'm out there bobbing around in the pool that they are really glad that it's there too! :)

Enough for now.  Y'all stay cool and hydrated and I'll see you in the garden soon.


  1. They have grown a lot in four years !
    You also have a white one, something I've been wanting to plant, and yet to do so.
    The lawn is looking green and beautiful, you must have been getting a little bit of rain...
    Stay cool in the pool :0

  2. Jo, the white one isn't a crape myrtle, it's a butterfly bush. It was here when we bought the place in 2004. I have five Mandi Crape Myrtles (the deep pink) and one Royal Crape Myrtle (purple) that is planted on the other side of the yard.


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