Thursday, July 14, 2011

Self Awareness

Hi, I'm Stacy... and I'm a fair-weather gardener!  There, I've admitted it.  But am I ready to take ownership of the problem?  Is "sort of" an acceptable answer?  Well, it's not entirely my fault... then again, maybe it is. Logically, it can't be anyone else's fault.  It's just that my lack of gardening experience has kept me from planning things out well enough to have something continually blooming.  I'm working on it... well, at least in my mind I am working on it.  Planning ahead isn't my strong suit!  In the spring... my garden looks good.  It can even fool the non-gardeners into thinking that I have the gift of a green thumb.  But then as the season progresses and the usual unrelenting summer heat of middle Tennessee sets in my garden begins to wither and wane. 

Good news from the garden... I seem, at least for the moment, to be winning the battle against the aphids and it looks as if my Royal Crape Myrtle may survive this season with most of her foliage and maybe even a few blooms.  I don't want to give her false hope... but I can tell you that we're not going to go down without a fight!  My Mandi Crape Myrtles are just teasing me with millions of buds waiting to burst open in bloom like a great magenta firework display.  They are stubborn and will open in their own time.  They aren't easily prodded into blooming simply because all of the other CMs in the neighborhood bloomed weeks ago!  I've tried to guilt them into blooming... it didn't work. 

Bailey, "our dog" from two doors down graced us with a visit tonight.  She loves me in spite of my shortcomings... well, that and my excellent taste in doggie treats.  The feeling is mutual.  Plus, she's never been judgmental about my gardening abilities. 

The bluebirds have again been visiting our birdhouse frequently over the last few days.  We watch from the patio with the great anticipation of bouncing tiny little grandbaby bluebirds on our knees.  I'm not sure that they're interested in building a nest this year... maybe they're just long-range planners.  But we vacuumed, dusted and offered the first month's rent free, just to sweeten the deal.  Hopefully they couldn't see through our pathetic veil of neediness!  We have no shame!

My birthday is coming up in a few days... and I'm secretly hoping for either sun-loving plants or freeze-dried meal worms.  I bet you don't see that on many birthday wish lists!

Y'all stay cool and hydrated... and I'll see you in the garden soon!

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