Friday, May 17, 2013

That's what gardening is all about...

I love sharing things about gardening.  What I have yet do is share more than words and photos of my garden.  I dearly love it when someone cuts a cluster of various flowers from their yard, drops them into water and sets them on a coworker’s desk.  There’s just something so beautiful about this simple gesture; its like warm chicken soup lovingly made from scratch.  Just comforting!  It doesn’t matter if it’s in a mason jar or a fancy vase…store bought flowers, arranged by a professional just don’t have the same appeal.  Not once have I gathered a cluster of blooms to share in this fashion.  This troubles me.  I see it as a major character flaw that must be corrected A.S.A.P! 

Just last week a coworker brought in a simple clear glass vase with a couple branches of deep pink azalea and purple iris with a light and airy, shimmery golden bow tied around the neck of the vase.  A more beautiful bouquet has never existed.  It was breathtaking in its simplicity.  This week a bowl full of fragrant white peony graced a table for her meeting.  A couple years ago a lady brought me a very thin vase that stood about 18 inches tall with one singular pale pink, barely opened rose bud from her garden.  Attached to it at the neck was a long, sheer, flowing ribbon tied at its neck that blew back like an angel's wings as she handed it toward me.  Again… simple – yet gorgeous!

My own neighbors, as I wrote a few posts back, graced us with clumps of daylilies and salvia from their yard.  I can say that I have given away lots of potted plants that I’ve purchased with the intent of giving to a specific person… and given away shovels full of Wandering Jew or Lilies of the Valley, and tons of tips, advice and suggestions for newer gardeners... but not once have I gathered a bouquet of blooms to share.  But I am a “fix your flaws” kind of girl and I vow to make this happen!  Coming soon to a desk near you…


  1. It is fun to give away flowers from your garden, no matter what the container. They are a gift of joy, love and thankfulness.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I for one would be a very happy co-worker !
    Simple gestures go a long way...
    Beautiful !

  3. A co-worker shared this blog with me after doing this very thing. I was so touched by the gesture. How something so simple could be so sweet. It made my week.



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