Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rose-Sitting, Nesting and Creating

It seems with the cold, rainy weather my love of gardening has all but disappeared.  Fear not, it is simply hibernating!  It will return!  I brought in the one rosebush that I hadn't yet planted, for fear that I would forget to water it through these cold, dark days of winter.  I leave each morning before daylight and return shortly before darkness sets in again and there is just too great a chance that this poor rosebush would suffer the consequences.  She sits beside me, looking out the window, like a dog longing to escape at the first chance.  While she appears to long for the outdoors, surely she is grateful for the chance of escaping winter.  That is assuming she survives winter indoors! 

I have taken to nesting.  I have sudden and deep urges to tackle things indoors that have been neglected while my attention was focused on gardening and other outdoor activities.  Today I made a Butternut Squash Soup, which was simply delicious; if I do say so myself.  I talked my sweet hubby into drilling a few holes in a perfectly good armoire so that I could adjust the shelf now that it no longer is needed for displaying a television.  My mind is whirring with the possibilities of how I could change the overall appearance of this particular piece of furniture. 

I created a piece of artwork to hang in the front room, over the baby grand piano, using pieces of old piano sheet music.  I think that it turned out great and ties in well with the rooms theme.  See for yourself...

All made with sheet music from love songs...

It's about 3' x 3' sq.

Now and Forever, No One But You, Heart Beats Faster, Sentimental Reasons,
I Believe, Wonderful World, If I Had My Way, Little White Lies,

Who Cares What People Say, Sentimental Journey, Do You Love Me,
I Do - Do You,

Whatever Will Be, Will Be
Que Sera, Sera

This project was a lot of fun.  Very simple.  A couple years ago a friend gave me a huge stack of old piano sheet music and I kept it, knowing that it would eventually find a purpose.  The frame and mats were also a freebie so this project didn't cost a penny.  That's my favorite kind of project!


  1. Hi there! I just posted the final giveaway Celebrating Fishtail Cottage’s One Year Anniversary gifts!!! Wanted to invite you back over to enter this and any other giveaways’ you missed!

  2. What a really great idea! I have a good amount of old sheet music that was my great Aunt's. I keep trying to think of ways to do something with it.

  3. Hi Stacy, It's good to hear from you! Happy New Year to you! Isn't it wonderful to get things done inside. I surely think winters in Tennessee are a good thing for just this. Great artwork! It looks fabulous. Won't be long now and you'll soon be outside. Happy gardening to you!

  4. Just checking on you !
    Have you hibernated, I miss your blog posts :(
    Hope you are well...

  5. AB Chase never hear do of that one! ill ask my son he's a piano professor


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