Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why not jump in with both feet?

Today I decided, "Hey, why not give this blog thing a try?"  So, like I am apt to do with most things that interest me... I jumped right in with little or no knowledge or experience!  I've been creating a journal detailing my experiences in flower gardening and thought maybe a better way of sharing my love of gardening might be to do so through a blog. 

I like to refer to my style of gardening as "trial and error".  I'm not one to really sit back and study an idea and make a plan.  I see something I like and I jump in head first and try to make it work.  I don't recommend this technique for everyone, only those who can handle failure!  Failure keeps you grounded!  Sounds like something the Wright brothers would have said, doesn't it? :) 

My husband is a planner.  The problem is that he'll plan something for 20 years and never move beyond the planning stage.  I'm a jump up, grab a hammer and get on with it, kind of girl.  Believe it or not, we make a pretty good team.  On bigger projects, I'll mention the idea (plant the seed, if you will) and he'll start thinking about it.  At that point I kind of forget about it for a while.  Then one day I jump up from the table, grab the necessary tools to get the job done, and when I look up - he's right there with me; working just as hard as I am on the project!  The best part is that he knows when to say... "okay, wait a minute, let's figure this part out before we mess something up".  I usually skip that part and just say... "oops!"

So, welcome to my blog!  I hope that you'll enjoy visiting with me in my garden and learning about gardening right along with me.

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  1. Oops...
    I like to garden by jumping in there as well... After I find out how well things do (for me), I can make judgement calls on what goes well together, and where the pathways and benches need to be.

    Congratulations on a great start!


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